Why are puppies so expensive?

Once you have decided to get a dog, you should think about which breed you prefer. Does the breed matter at all or have you fallen in love with a specific breed?

Raising puppies costs money and a serious breeder invests a lot of time and love in his breeding. This results in prices of around 1000 Euros for puppies.

A specific breed should be

There are many different breeds of dogs on the market. So before you decide on a specific breed, you should consider whether it suits your own interests and lifestyle.

Some dog breeds require an experienced dog owner, while others are suitable for beginners.

A Doberman, for example, is a loving, affectionate, but also demanding family dog. Consistent dog training is just as important here as appropriate physical and mental activities. A Doberman is not a dog for beginners, but integrates perfectly into the family life with appropriate consistent training.

What else distinguishes a Doberman we have described for you in more detail here.

An English Cocker Spaniel stands out because of its floppy ears and its friendly and cheerful appearance. Contrary to its appearance, however, an English Cocker Spaniel is a very spirited, lively dog, which is less suitable for rented flats due to its barking tendency.

As different as the various breeds are, there are certain traits that can be clearly assigned to a particular breed.

If you have fallen in love with a certain breed, you should contact a registered and reputable breeder, who will, however, charge 900-1200 Euros for breeding the animals.

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Every puppy is cute – but the consequences of education, cost and fun are often the same.

Why are puppies so expensive?

You might ask yourself why you should go to a breeder when the dogs are sold on ebay for a third of that price? Why are pedigree dogs from a breeder so expensive?

The price for a puppy is quite high at around 1000 Euros. Let’s take a look at the reasons for this and how such sums come about.

A breeder is usually a hobby breeder. He earns money from it, but it is not enough to cover his living expenses. A breeder does not breed for fun or because he wants to raise small puppies one day.

His ambition is to constantly improve his breed. With each litter he wants to bring his animals closer to the breeding goal.

All dogs are loving creatures in their own way and differ from other dogs because of their nature.

Nevertheless, there are certain characteristics, traits and external features that clearly point to certain dog breeds.

Key points that drive up the price of puppies:

  •     serious breeding
  •     learning the first rules
  •     health check of the puppies
  •     issuing of the papers
  •     Appropriate food for the puppies

A breeder usually specialises in one breed of dog and has extensive knowledge of the genetics of his dogs. Long journeys are no obstacle for him to have his bitches mated with the most successful males possible.

Dog puppies need a lot of time from their owner.

All these aspects always bring him closer to the breeding ideal. A serious breeder will also not release his puppies into their new homes until they are 12 weeks old. In contrast to kittens, dogs can be handed over from the 8th week of life, but the socialisation phase has only just begun with the 8th week and is completed with the completion of the 12th week of life.

In this phase the first contacts take place and the puppies learn the first rules. By the end of the 12th week, a puppy is sufficiently socialised, has sufficient self-confidence and is not unsettled by the move into its new home.

When the puppy moves out, you will receive all the necessary papers from the breeder. Apart from the pedigree, the health certificate is one of these documents.

The breeder must pay for the costs of the breeding club, veterinary costs, food and equipment.

When the animal is handed over, the puppy has already received all necessary vaccinations and has been tested for possible hereditary diseases. The costs for chipping, deworming and the basic immunisation amount to 150 Euros and more.

The food alone, which is adapted to the needs of mother and puppy, amounts to several hundred euros per month. For the bitch, there are additional costs for insurance and taxes of at least 150 Euros per year.

Costs of 300 Euros per year are due for dog shows. All these requirements cause high costs that have to be covered by the purchase of the puppy.

A serious breeder puts all his heart and soul into raising his puppies. He will only give them into loving hands and will test you with special questions during your visits. A reputable breeder will give you the puppy’s favourite things, a cuddly blanket with the mother’s scent and a food plan specially adapted to the animal.

Even after the sale, the breeder will always be there to help and advise you in terms of training, keeping or care.

This is what a dog costs per month.

Selling on Ebay – an alternative?

In view of the costs, you could consider getting your puppy on eBay. Dogs are offered on these portals for as little as 300 euros.

The lower price is mainly due to the fact that these are “breeders” and not people who really care about the welfare of the animals.

They do not feel it necessary to have their animals neutered, so that they multiply uncontrollably. As we have seen, breeding costs money and when puppies are offered at much lower prices, you should be suspicious.

This is an indication that money has been saved somewhere. Often animals are sold that have neither reached the age of 12 weeks nor received the necessary vaccinations.

If socialisation has not taken place, you may get an intimidated animal. In many cases you will not even be able to visit the mother on site and you will not know anything about the health of the puppy.

Of course, we can’t lump all sellers on ebay and similar sites together, but the likelihood of getting a dubious seller is quite high.

Animal welfare an alternative to the breeder?

If you don’t want to invest so much in a puppy, I would recommend that you turn to animal welfare organisations. Puppies are always being handed over there and everyone is happy to find a happy and loving home.

You can also look around abroad. Outside of Germany, the circumstances are far more dramatic and the choice is therefore much greater. Before the animals are handed over, they are tested for their health condition and have received the basic vaccination.

Pay attention to where you buy your dog.

You only have to pay a protection fee of 150 Euros. You can also get pedigree dogs through the animal welfare service, but you often have to wait longer.

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Conclusion Puppies are expensive

In order for the breeder to cover his costs and give his puppies a good start in life, puppies are expensive to buy.

A reputable breeder attaches great importance to good basic socialisation. The puppy receives the first necessary health checks and is given suitable food.

At the age of 12 weeks, the puppy is ready to move to its new owners. In addition to the papers, the new owners often receive a starter package from the breeder.

If the price for a puppy from the breeder is too high, you can look elsewhere. Whether it is through small ads or a puppy from abroad, you have to be careful not to end up with a breeder.

The breeders smell the quick money and health problems with puppies are often the norm.