Are dachshunds family dogs

Do you love dachshunds and would like to get one for your family? We’ll show you the special features and whether a dachshund is a good family dog.

Are Dachshunds suitable as family dogs? Whether small or large children, the dachshund is ideal as a family dog. For nice games or interesting walks – the dachshund is versatile.

Of course, you should make sure that a dachshund enjoys good dog training and that an adult always keeps an eye on the dog.

The Dachshund is a perfect family dog

What makes a Dachshund special and why does it make such a good family dog?

Let’s take a closer look at the character of the Dachshund.

The Dachshund can be very playful. They like it when you have some games in store, which naturally keeps him happy. Whether young or older, the Dachshund is interested in new things.

Because of his good intuition, the Dachshund can sense your emotions. Children in particular are sometimes unable to communicate properly why they are sad at the moment, for example. Here the dachshund can be a good comforting companion. Whether it is a friend, a cuddle partner or a nice companion for forays through nature, the dachshund is versatile.

Of course, all family members should be familiar with handling a dog. But a visit to the dog school together can also be an experience. The children should especially be familiarised with the dog’s language, this way the dog’s language can be interpreted more easily.

The hunting instinct leads to the need for absolute obedience. Sudden barking at strangers or tracking through the fence are not exactly desirable characteristics. Nevertheless, the little ball of fur can take care of its owner.

Should the children be out alone with the dog, the dachshund can offer partial protection.

With these activities the dachshund can be kept busy

Due to the high energy level, the dachshund can always romp around. No matter whether he has just eaten, has already been allowed to play for 3 hours or it is time to sleep. This super fit dog needs enough exercise.

the dachshund needs sufficient employment.

The daily walks should add up to at least two hours.

As a companion for walks in the woods, which can be well supplemented with search or hide-and-seek games, the Dachshund can also cut a fine figure in retrieving games.

Their natural inclination is to hunt and they want to be kept busy.

But even if it is raining, storming or a thunderstorm is passing by, the bundle of energy wants to be allowed to let off steam.

It can also be helpful to keep them busy indoors or outdoors. The Dachshund is small, agile and nimble, so intelligence and hide-and-seek games are good options.

However, bear in mind the breed’s body shape: small legs and long back – the Dachshund should not be expected to climb stairs or jump because of its health problems.

Should I buy a female or a male?

In addition to choosing the right breeder, another question plays a decisive role in choosing the right Dachshund: Is it better for your family to buy a male or a female?

Males are said to be more dominant and females more playful. But this can also show the other way round in character.

Bitches are in heat every 6 months for 3 weeks, their hormone balance changes accordingly. For males, castration would be advisable if the permanent willingness becomes too dangerous.

For children, males can appear more playful than females. Even in old age, the energy level in males is still almost the same as in younger years.

Bitches show calmer characteristics over the years. This can be great for children who are also growing up, when they don’t want to romp around as much.

Another difference between males and females is their attention and attachment to their owners. While males maintain a closer relationship with the owner, females may be easier to train.

Bitches are often bitchier towards other dogs, but at the same time males can be more compatible with their own kind.

How to keep your dachshund healthy

For a good-looking Dachshund, you need to be active on a weekly basis. Part of the routine is brushing your dachshund’s teeth.

For optimal health, it is important to brush your Dachshund’s teeth 2 to 3 times a week. This can be added to your family’s daily dental hygiene routine. Your dachshund’s teeth need constant care, as dachshunds can get cavities too.

the dachshund is a true family dog

Show your children what proper dog dental care looks like. Together it is twice as much fun.

Furthermore, the ears should be checked regularly. Dachshunds are more susceptible to diseases because of their floppy ears. So check the ears once a week. The vet can help you with this. Let them show you how to do it and then you will know how to proceed.

To prevent your dachshund from becoming overweight, you should use a sensible combination of species-appropriate feeding and plenty of exercise.

Coat care for a shiny dachshund

The Dachshund loses very little hair. Whether you have a short-haired, long-haired or rough-haired Dachshund, the shedding process is limited. Therefore, it is sufficient to groom the dachshund once a week with a brush.

Especially when it is raining outside and the dachshund is chasing through mud puddles, the first idea is to bathe him. He loves the water, but bathing is not necessary now.

With the rough-coated Dachshund, a little more effort is required. This dog should be brushed with a coarse brush.

The longhaired dachshunds are the most time-consuming to groom. The coat only shines so well because it is regularly freed from knots and shag. The coat should also be groomed when the dog is wet, otherwise it will become matted more quickly.

For all types of dachshunds, always brush in the direction of growth. This is most comfortable for the dachshund.

Conclusion – Dachshund as a family dog

The Dachshund is an ideal companion for the whole family. He has a good sense for children and can respond well to them. Of course, all family members should be familiar with dog language.

In order for the little dog to be taken seriously, it is important to keep him busy enough. Only through plenty of exercise will he remain a well-balanced dog.

Due to their physique, care should be taken in daily handling to ensure that the Dachshund does not have to perform any circus tricks. The weight and teeth must also be kept in mind at intervals. Coat care is also part of their health, which is quite uncomplicated with a brush.