Should I get a small or large dog?

It is often difficult to find a dog breed that suits you. Therefore, you should not leave the decision to the appearance of a dog alone.

Rather, you need to check which dog personality fits best in your environment and to you. With more than 200 dog breeds worldwide, the choice can be difficult.

You should especially think about the size of your new dog.

Would you rather have a small dog that you can take with you everywhere and tuck under your arm? Or would a large breed of dog fit better into your life?

Perhaps there are dogs in your circle of friends and acquaintances that you can take a look at in advance.

Small dogs need as much exercise as large dogs

You could then talk to the owners and clarify any questions directly. Your dog will have a life expectancy of 12 to 16 years, so you have to make the right decision for you right from the start.

Advantages of a small dog

When buying a small dog, the advantages compared to a large dog are as follows:

  •     Less urge to move, depending on the breed
  •     Many breeds are also suitable for beginners
  •     Small dogs need less to eat
  •     The dog can be taken out more often
  •     Flats can be rented more often with smaller dogs
  •     Often possible to keep in a flat

Disadvantages of small dogs

But small dogs can also have disadvantages when it comes to keeping them:

  •     Large walks are not optimal
  •     Humanisation of small dogs
  •     Training and correct nutrition could be taken lightly

Advantages of large dogs

A large dog offers the following advantages:

  •     There is a dog for every owner, depending on their preferences
  •     Large dog breeds are often more persistent
  •     These dogs are more suitable for house and garden
  •     Training is more successful, as the humanisation is not quite so strong
  •     Large dogs have more fur to cuddle

Disadvantages of large dogs

In terms of disadvantages there are with large dogs for example:

  •     Flats often cannot be rented
  •     Exercise in addition to the walk would be desirable, garden or similar at the house is necessary.
  •     Expensive to maintain
  •     The car must be modified accordingly
  •     Due to its weight, the dog cannot be carried in hand luggage when travelling.

These small dog breeds are particularly popular at the moment:

  •     Yorkshire Terrier
  •     Dachshund
  •     Chihuahua
  •     French Bulldog
  •     Shih Tzu
  •     Maltese
  •     Cocker Spaniel
  •     Havanese

But what makes each dog breed different? Among the small dog breeds, the breeds listed above are among the most popular.

The Yorkshire Terrier enchants with its bright, lively nature and has a distinct personality. It is fearless and presents special abilities as a watchdog.

The Dachshund is considered to be affectionate and courageous. He is very sociable in his own family, but reserved with strangers.

The Chihuahua is a very gentle and cuddly companion, but also exudes a strong dose of self-confidence.

The French Bulldog’s affectionate but extremely friendly nature stands out. Especially towards children and within the family. Towards other dogs it often appears fearless, however, it overestimates itself somewhat.

The small Shih Tzu is said to be very friendly, gentle, playful and loyal. The Shih Tzu is extremely affectionate and maintains a close relationship with its owner.

The Maltese is one of the great cuddlers. But he also shows a lot of self-confidence. He likes to be stroked on his human’s lap.

A dog that always wants to please its owner is the Cocker Spaniel. He is playful, happy, fun-loving and affectionate. He is sensitive and easy to train.

The Havanese is a very sociable and peaceful dog. This dog breed is perfect for families and also for children. It gets along without problems with other dogs and also with cats. You can find more information about the Havanese in our article: Havanese or Maltese.

These large dog breeds are popular:

  •     Great Dane
  •     Bernhadine
  •     Bernese Mountain Dog
  •     Giant Schnauzer
  •     Rottweiler

The Great Dane impresses with its affectionate and good-natured nature. Known for its great learning ability, it blends easily into its environment.

The St. Bernard is described as gentle and affectionate and is also very suitable for children. The breed combines composure and calmness, but is also alert.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are fearless and good watchdogs. Their nature is fearless, but still alert. These dogs can be trained well and are not yappers.

The Giant Schnauzer is a very powerful and robust dog. It can be trained well, as it likes to work physically. This breed has good obedience and gives its owner incorruptible loyalty.

The Rottweiler is an obedient member of the family if it has been brought up lovingly and consistently in its youth. He is well suited for dog sports due to his agility and high endurance. More information about the Rottweiler can be found here.

These medium-sized dog breeds are popular:

  •     Australian Shepherd
  •     Bearded Collie
  •     Chow Chow
  •     Poodle
  •     Wolfhound
  •     Dalmatian
  •     German Pinscher

The Australian Shepherd is an enduring, strong and lively dog with a strong protective and herding instinct. It is easy to train and is playful and eager to learn.

The Bearded Collie is considered an ideal family dog thanks to his friendly nature. He is alert and sensitive and builds a close relationship with his owners.

The Chow Chow is a calm but very self-confident dog breed. Due to its independent character, it is not so easy to train.

Poodles are happy and always in a good mood. They can be trained well, as they are very intelligent and are therefore often used as working dogs.

A dog breed that has become rather rare is the Wolfsspitz. It is attentive and versatile and is very affectionate towards its owner.

A very child- and family-friendly dog breed is the Beagle. The Beagle has always been a hunting dog breed and is sometimes difficult to retrieve in the wild.

The Dalmatian is considered friendly and lively. It is the perfect companion for sporty people, as it likes to accompany them during outdoor sporting activities.

The German Pinscher is a temperamental and friendly dog breed. He is best suited as a family dog because he enjoys running around and playing. An ideal companion for agility, dogdance or trick dog.

Conclusion: Keeping a small or large dog

Whether you keep a small or a large dog, the most important argument is that you choose your dog according to your own ideas.

Whether you feel comfortable with a small dog such as a Maltese, Chihuahua or French Bulldog, or whether you prefer a medium-sized or large dog such as a Rottweiler, you can decide after weighing up the advantages and disadvantages.

Whatever you decide, it can help to talk to dog owners who already own this breed.

In order to provide your dog with a nice home for many years, you need to decide which dog breed and size would suit you.