Is a Yorkshire Terrier suitable for beginners?

The Yorkshire Terrier is very suitable for beginners. However, like all dog breeds, it needs good training, otherwise it can become too dominant. Due to its playfulness and sociability, it is a fantastic family dog that wants to protect everyone despite its size. 

Especially as a beginner, you are looking for a dog that is ideal for you. The selection of dog breeds is huge. Finding the right partner for life is not always easy. 

Here we introduce you to the Yorkshire Terrier. The Yorkshire Terrier is very suitable for beginners and is best suited to a large family. Despite its small size, you should not underestimate the training of a Yorkshire Terrier, otherwise they can become too dominant.

You’ve probably seen a lot of cute little Yorkshire Terriers on the road. Let’s take a look at this dog together. This dog breed makes a wonderful family dog. 

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The Yorkshire Terrier immediately wins the heart of its owner, but there is much more to this cute ball of fur than you would first suspect.

To help you learn more about your future dog, here is a brief overview of this unique breed:

  •     Medium to long coat, 
  •     Originated in Great Britain
  •     Life span is 13-16 years
  •     20 – 24 cm shoulder height

As you can see, the Yorkshire Terrier is a rather small and agile dog that should not be underestimated for its great courage and personality. He has a lot of power and energy. 

Is the Yorkshire Terrier suitable for beginners?

The Yorkshire Terrier is a very lovable dog and delights everyone with his affectionate and sweet appearance. He cuddles and loves to be petted, so even children can live in a household with a Yorkshire Terrier.

Despite its small size, this dog breed has a lot of power and energy and likes to live it up. The best way to do this is in hunting games, where the Yorkshire Terrier can chase after its prey. If you get a new dog, there are a few things you should consider before you start exercising together. Read our article “When should you start jogging with your dog?

Yorkshire Terriers are very brave dogs and will easily take on a dog 4 times their size just to protect their owner and family. 

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The courageous Yorkshire Terrier also gets along with larger dog breeds.

What characteristics does a Yorkshire Terrier have?

The character traits of your new dog at a glance:

  •     very brave and courageous
  •     family-friendly 
  •     sociable, not afraid of strangers
  •     Very playful
  •     Possesses a high intelligence
  •     Cat friendly

This dog breed is suitable for everyone. Whether you live alone, with a partner or with small children in the household. 

Despite his strong personality, which sometimes gets to his head, he always needs a retreat where he can relax and rest.

What care does a Yorkshire Terrier need?

The great advantage of a Yorkshire Terrier is that this dog breed does not change its coat and therefore sheds very little. This is a great advantage especially for allergy sufferers. 

You will need to comb and brush the Yorkshire Terrier’s coat regularly, as its very long coat means that it picks up a lot of small animals and dirt. 

Care should also be taken to ensure that the coat does not become matted or knotted.

The Yorkshire Terrier should not necessarily be bathed and treated with shampoo, as the natural function of the skin is too strongly impaired and allergies or reddening of the skin can occur. 

Special features of the Yorkshire Terrier

Due to its small size, it can be kept in a rented flat despite a ban on keeping dogs, as it has been classified as a small animal. This also has the advantage that you can travel with the Yorkshire Terrier in aeroplanes without any problems – but of course the Yorkshire Terrier prefers to stay on the ground and pursue his hunting instinct.

What kind of training does a Yorkshire Terrier need?

For first-time owners of a Yorkshire Terrier, dog training is highly recommended, as the Yorkshire Terrier can become very dominant if trained too laxly, and this can lead to serious problems in future life together.

If you want to enforce the rules that have been set up, this will meet with a little stubbornness from your dog. He will keep testing whether you really mean it and whether it is to his advantage. 

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The little Yorkshire is tough and needs enough exercise to be healthy and happy.

You have a very special training ahead of you. You will become one with your dog if you know how to train a dog correctly.

And this is especially difficult for beginners. You often make mistakes and don’t pay attention at the right moment. This is only human and you can still become a great team with your dog.

Typical training problems are that your dog doesn’t listen to his name or generally doesn’t take no for an answer. All of these problems are usually the effect of something else entirely: your relationship.

At the dog school you will get many tips on what to look out for.

Read up on the breed. You will gather more information about something you don’t know yet.

Try to find all the information and addresses of breeders, dog schools, boarding kennels or even vets who specialise in this breed of dog and can share their experience.

Your life will suit this dog breed if you can offer this sweet dog a place for life. And of course, combine the best possible care and education.

Think critically about whether the dog breed you have chosen will fit into your life. If you will never be at home, it is just as unsuitable as if you do not want to accommodate this dog for health reasons.

Buying a dog is not as easy as it looks. Buying is not the end of it, then the adventure really begins.

Conclusion on the Yorkshire Terrier

This dog breed is very suitable for beginners, as it is very easy to groom and needs a normal, calm upbringing. A professional dog school can certainly help you here. 

Despite his size, the Yorkshire Terrier has enormous power and is always ready to compete against larger dogs for his family. 

He is the perfect companion if you are looking for a family dog that is sporty and elegant and does not need much space.