Dogs are pack animals through their ancestors of the wolves and like it in this respect predominantly in a pack with us humans to live together. Dogs are faithful companions of us humans, because they show empathy towards us and we can communicate with them on a certain level. This leads to a strong bond between us and our dog, which leads to a feeling of mutual loyalty.

Dogs are one of the most popular pets among people. This is no wonder, because dogs are considered extremely loyal companions and who would not like to have a partner for life. But why are dogs such faithful companions for us humans? There are several answers to this question.

Dogs are very loyal pets, as they are empathy and absolutely loyal animals.

Dogs are very loyal pets because they are empathy and absolutely loyal animals.
For one thing, like their ancestors, the wolves, dogs are true pack animals. They want to hunt, play and live together in a pack. Your dog sees you and the other housemates as his pack, and that’s why he’s such a loyal companion. Because nothing is more important in a pack than to stay together forever, to be strong together in the face of danger.

Likewise, dogs are considered the most loyal animals, because they immediately recognize their owner and follow him unconditionally. Not only because master and mistress give him the food, but also because he has taken the person into his heart. The friendship between people and dogs often lasts until the death of one of them and hopefully beyond.

Dogs are loyal animals because we feel connected to dogs. They can develop empathy towards us humans and have a sense of when we are feeling good or even bad. Everyone knows the situation that you are sitting on the sofa in a bad mood or sad and a little later the dog comes and tries to comfort or build you up.

With dogs we can communicate on a certain level, they can easily make us understand with their gestures when they want to hunger or play. Likewise, dogs can tell by certain commands when you should stand still or go to their place.

This interplay between empathy and a sense of mutual understanding leads to a bond between dog and human and provides a sense of mutual loyalty.

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Why are dogs so cute?

Dogs have a similar look as we humans do. Especially by raising the inner eyebrow, dogs look very childlike, which makes our hearts beat faster.

Every dog owner knows the phenomenon. The dog destroys the beautiful cushion out of high spirits while playing and looks at you with a super cute doggy look, with the eyebrow slightly raised. Here, no one can be angry with his dog for a long time, with such a heart-stopping sight.

Dogs have a very cute look because they can raise their inner eyebrows, making them look very childlike.

The fact that dogs are our favorite pets not only because of their loving character and loyal soul, also has to do with the fact that dogs look very cute and sweet. This has to do with the fact that dogs very often look you in the eye during direct contact and often raise the inner eyebrow slightly. This makes the dog look very human to us. Even almost childlike. By the enlargement of the eyes dogs have a very childlike expression, which we humans know only too well from children. In this regard, it is also no surprise that we humans find dogs very cute. After all, all humans find children very cute too!

Why don’t we find wolves as sweet as our dogs?

This is probably mainly because of the tales of the bad wolf and the rather bad news of the wolf. Likewise, a wolf does not have the ability to raise its inner eyebrow to look cuter. Dogs have acquired this ability themselves. It is believed that dogs also received much more attention and notice in earlier years when they had perfected the interaction with direct eye contact and eyebrow raising. In this regard, this ability has manifested itself in our dogs, making them seem so cute to us.

Why are dogs so loyal?

Dogs are very loyal animals because of their wolf ancestors. This is mainly because dogs are pack animals and consider their owner and his family as their pack. This behavior is essential for dogs to survive, as they can only be strong together. Likewise, dogs are very social animals and always want to be with their owner and other mates. The loyalty also comes from the fact that dogs realized early on that they could communicate with us humans on a certain level and that we offer them protection as well as food.

Since dogs are pack animals, dogs see us as their pack and are very loyal in this regard.

The most loyal dogs are for example Collies, Rottweilers, German Shepherds and also the Beagle. Likewise, Labrador Retrievers, Betragne and Akita are considered to be very loyal dog breeds.

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Summary – Why are dogs so loyal?

Dogs are pack animals because of their ancestors. In this regard, dogs feel very comfortable in their pack, which consists of their owner and their owner’s relatives, and often remain bonded to each other for life. That dogs are very loyal becomes clear, because dogs immediately recognize their owner. Even man can communicate in the lightest form with the dog, which leads to a close bond.

Likewise, dogs show empathic traits and recognize when their owner is unwell.

Why we humans find dogs very sweet looking is often because they can make very big eyes and keep direct eye contact with us. This makes the dog look very human to us. Raising the inner eyebrow even makes a dog look almost childlike, which adds to the cute factor of dogs.

Dogs are very loyal animals, because they always live in a solid pack. This is essential for dogs to survive, that they can only be strong together in a pack.