Is the English Bulldog suitable for beginners?

Especially as a beginner, you are looking for a dog that is ideally suited to you. There is a wide range of dog breeds to choose from.

The English Bulldog is on the one hand well suited for beginners and on the other hand not so well suited.

The ideal beginner dog is neither demanding nor difficult to train.

You have probably seen the English Bulldog many times on the road. You can’t miss these dogs.

Let’s take a look at this dog together. This dog breed is suitable as a guard dog and partly as a calm companion dog.

Is the English Bulldog suitable for beginners?

On the one hand, the English Bulldog is ideally suited for beginners due to its relaxed nature and calm manner. A daily walk is enough for this smart dog. You don’t have to give it too much exercise.

However, English Bulldogs like variety, and if you give your dog attention and challenge them lightly both physically and mentally, they are the ideal companion.

The English Bulldog is also very family oriented and wants to be part of your pack. Being part of your life is paramount.

But what characteristics does the English Bulldog have?

    relaxed nature

The characteristics of your new dog at a glance:

  •     calm nature
  •     gentle and friendly
  •     reserved

This dog breed is suitable for everyone. No matter if you live alone, with a partner or small children in the household.

Your dog’s distinctive look is guaranteed to put a smile back on your face. These dogs may look fierce, but they are charmers at heart.

Nevertheless, you must be aware that this bundle of energy not only costs you time, but also money and energy. A dog school is indispensable for the first time.

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The English Bulldog can have different colours.

Breed profile of the English Bulldog

To help you learn more about your future dog, here is a brief overview of this unique breed.

  •     Short, soft coat
  •     Coat colours are white, ochre, fawn and others
  •     Weight around 25 kg
  •     Shoulder height around 40 cm
  •     Life expectancy about 10 years

As you can see, the English Bulldog is a small but compact dog.

These dogs have a shiny coat and like to be groomed a bit. Due to the lack of undercoat, these dogs do not shed very much.

Special features of the English Bulldog

Compared to other dog breeds, the respiratory system is not optimal. You have probably noticed the shape of the English Bulldog’s head.

The special and at the same time tragic thing is that your dog cannot get enough air. This can lead to breathing problems if you exercise too much or spend too much time in hot temperatures.

But why is this so?

This is a peculiarity of this breed of dog. Your vet should know about this. Your dog’s breeder will also be able to give you valuable advice on this.

If you can live with this limitation, it is easy for you to take your dog’s health into consideration.

So consider whether you want to accept this health restriction before you take a closer look at this gentle dog breed. Once in love, it is difficult to find a similar breed.

If this is not a problem for you, you can enjoy this friendly dog.

Training the English Bulldog

Every first-time owner of an English Bulldog is strongly advised to go to dog school.

Of course, you can get a super calm and docile dog that is so extremely sweet and always does everything you want straight away.

But this is unfortunately a small exception, because the English Bulldog needs good training. Your relationship stands and falls with good training, and this relationship thrives on clear rules.

If you want to enforce the rules, your dog will be a little stubborn. He will test whether you really mean it and whether it is an advantage for him.

You have a very special training ahead of you. You will become one with your dog if you know how to train a dog correctly.

And this is especially difficult for beginners. You often make mistakes and don’t pay attention at the right moment. This is only human and you can still become a great team with your dog.

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The English Bulldog is an absolute family dog and has a very calm character.

At dog school you will get lots of tips on what to look out for.

Training in all weather conditions is also not ideal for the English Bulldog. Temperatures that are too hot must be kept in mind.

As mentioned above, the English Bulldog does not do well in hot temperatures. If you plan to do extensive training or exercise in the blazing sun, it could be detrimental to your dog’s health.

However, despite all the health risks, I would like to get an English Bulldog

To ensure that you don’t spoil your fun and enjoyment with an English Bulldog as a beginner, the 1×1 of the dog world is very important.

The ever-present cornerstones of dog life are:

  •     Husbandry
  •     Feeding
  •     Health
  •     Education

Inform yourself about this breed. You will gather more information about something you don’t know yet.

Try to find all the information and addresses of breeders, dog schools, boarding kennels or even veterinarians who specialise in this dog breed and can share their experience.

Your life will suit this dog breed if you can offer this sweet dog a place for life. Of course, combine the best possible care and education.

If you need more information on buying a dog, take a look at our article on buying a dog.

Think critically about whether the breed you have chosen will fit into your life. If you will never be at home, it is just as unsuitable as if you do not want to accommodate this dog due to health reasons.

Buying a dog is not as easy as it looks. The purchase is not the end of the story, and then the adventure really begins.

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Conclusion on a dog breed with limitations

If you have fallen in love with this dog breed and are happy to consider the health aspects, you can approach the English Bulldog as a beginner.

Basically, this dog breed is suitable for everyone, whether single, with a partner or even children.

The health side plays a role in upbringing and nutrition. Finding the right balance between over- and under-exertion without harming the dog is a difficult task.

If you get professional help, this dog breed can be an enrichment for your life.