Which dogs like to cuddle?

The nature of each individual dog is different. While there are animals that don’t like to be petted and cuddled, there are others that can’t get enough of it.

If, for example, you are planning to rescue a dog from a shelter, it may be that the dog first needs to build up trust.

Especially dogs that have been beaten often have problems with being close to people. If, on the other hand, a dog has lived with you from an early age, this will have a positive effect on its cuddling behaviour if it is properly trained.

Basically, however, a dog that is kept with love and care and that has not yet had to experience violence can be very fixated on you.

You can teach any puppy to cuddle, so to speak. Of course, there are breeds that are naturally more fixated on humans than others. However, the nature of the dog plays a big role.

If the dog is very affectionate and can’t get enough cuddles, cuddling is a must. If he suddenly no longer gets this love and attention, this can even be traumatic for your dog.

Basically, a dog that is used to affection needs to cuddle. Incidentally, this is not only great for the animal, but also for you. Happiness hormones can be released in this way.

Not every dog breed likes to be cuddled.

Which dog breeds like to cuddle?

Of course, you can’t say that a certain dog breed always wants to cuddle with you.

Their upbringing plays a big role here. However, there are some dog breeds where there is a good chance that the animal will want to cuddle and is very cuddly.

The Labrador, for example, is a very loyal dog breed, which is strongly fixated on humans and also feels at home in families.

This also applies to the Golden Retriever. Both breeds are affectionate and feel comfortable with you.

The following breeds are also cuddly dogs:

  •     Maltese
  •     Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  •     Chihuahua
  •     Some terrier breeds
  •     Springer Spaniels
  •     Poodle

It is important to note, however, that not every dog of the breeds listed will necessarily want to cuddle.

However, the chances of this being the case if you have had the dog with you from an early age are very high. If a dog has to get used to the feeling of love and build up trust, you can get him used to the great cuddles step by step.

Take your time and don’t get impatient if the dog doesn’t build up trust as quickly as you would like. Patience is essential here.

What can I do if my dog wants to cuddle too much?

You can teach your dog that he can only come to cuddle at certain times. Especially when you are doing everyday things, it would be inconvenient if your dog needs attention at that time.

The easiest way is to set limits for your dog. In dog training, it is necessary that your dog learns to accept your boundaries.

This will allow you to determine when you want to cuddle and when it is too much for you. The need to cuddle should come from you if possible. In your relationship, you decide when your dog can come to you.

Of course, you have to remain affectionate and can show your dog an understandable limit.

But how can you tell your dog that you don’t have time for him at the moment?

You must now slowly extend the time span and only extend it by a few minutes at a time. Patience is needed here.

If your dog still demands your attention, you could introduce a command that your dog understands that he should stay calm and wait.

With a few repetitions, your dog can associate the new command with the fact that you do not have time for him now, but that your dog can expect you soon.

With all these tricks, however, it is always important to reward the positive behaviour. Since every dog learns differently, you have to respond to your dog individually.

The cat stays close to the dog, but what if the dog prefers to keep its distance from the human?

What can I do if my dog doesn’t like to cuddle?

If your dog doesn’t want to cuddle, this can be for many reasons. Possible reasons include:

  •     Socialisation
  •     Trust
  •     Stress
  •     Health
  •     Education
  •     Temperament

For example, your dog was not sufficiently socialised as a puppy or grew up on the street. Cuddling is then completely foreign to him.

It is also possible that your dog does not trust people enough. Your trust needs patience, education and a good dose of understanding and love.

However, stress also plays a role. Every dog reacts differently to stress. While some become more hectic and overreact easily, others tend to withdraw.

If your dog has always enjoyed cuddling with you and now doesn’t come to cuddle with you as often, there may be health problems behind it.

A visit to the vet may reveal problems that you would otherwise not notice. Dogs suffer silently when they notice health problems and don’t want to be obvious.

If something has gone wrong in the upbringing, the dog may see himself as the leader of the pack and be under constant pressure, thinking he has to protect you and the house. It is important that he sees you as the pack leader and can relax.

Another reason can be the nature of the dog. Maybe he just doesn’t like to be petted. You should accept this and only pet it when it comes towards you.

If your dog is left alone for a longer period of time, he will of course be happy about an extra portion of cuddling.

When cuddling your dog, you should bear in mind that dogs quickly feel uncomfortable when you stroke their face. Too much love and affection can also have an alienating effect on the four-legged friend and put him under stress.

Petting should not be a reward during training and should not be given when the dog is upset as this will only reinforce the misbehaviour. Go at the pace of the four-legged friend.

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Conclusion – cuddling is in

Your dog is happy to have a few cuddles. There are some breeds of dog that are generally more affectionate than others.

In addition, the first experiences with people also play a role. If the dog has had a bad experience, it will be less likely to want to cuddle than if it was lovingly cuddled in puppyhood, setting boundaries.

Among all dog breeds, there are very cuddly dogs and also some that prefer to do their own thing.

If your dog is too eager to cuddle, loving boundaries are important to keep the relationship between you in balance.