Is a Hovawart suitable for beginners?

The Hovawart is very suitable for beginners. It needs little grooming and is very trainable. This dog breed can be used optimally as a guard dog or as a sporting companion. The Hovawart is also a perfect family dog due to its affectionate nature and is also very popular with children.

Typical breed characteristics of the Hovawart

  •     Character: Willing to learn, intelligent, relaxed, 
  •     Size: male 63 – 70 cm; female 58 – 65 cm
  •     Weight: 25 to 45 kilograms
  •     Colours: blond, black, dun markings
  •     Life expectancy: 12-14 years
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The hovawart is a very popular beginner dog.

The Hovawart is a very popular dog breed, also because it can be used very flexibly. As a mountain rescue dog or as a simple farm dog, he is always ready for action due to his good nose and his strong will. 

Already in the Middle Ages, the Hovawart was used to guard farms. Due to his instincts, which are still present today, he has a pronounced, but not aggressive territorial behaviour.

With a height of up to 70 cm and a weight of 45 kilograms, the Hovawart is a respected guard dog that comes without any aggression. 

Its life expectancy is about 14 years. 

Due to his lovable character and high intelligence, he is also often used as a therapy dog. In addition, his people-oriented nature makes him especially popular with children. 

Typical diseases of this breed include hip joint problems, hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland) and liver shunt.

The Hovawart makes some demands on his new home. A sufficiently large garden and enough space to run around correspond to his nature and keep him happy and content. Dog sports are also a welcome change for this active dog.

Training and care

Like any other dog, the Hovawart needs good upbringing in infancy. Without learned discipline, there could be big problems with this dog later on, as they are very intelligent and can become dominant quite quickly. 

However, this is not a typical problem with this great dog breed, but a typical and underestimated problem with almost all dogs, from which many, avoidable problems arise.

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The Hovawart, like any dog, needs a lot of exercise and exercise.

For optimal training, a dog school can be very beneficial, and you should also keep your Hovawart busy and busy. A bored dog is often the reason for bad behaviour.

It is important that Hovawarts have a calm and familiar environment in which to grow up. 

The Hovawart dog breed is one of the dog breeds that is very easy to care for. However, daily brushing and regular checking of ears and teeth should be done. 

The Hovawart’s coat does not mat so quickly, as it has very little undercoat. 

Especially during the coat change in spring and late autumn, you can help your dog by brushing several times to remove the loose hairs from the coat. 

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Who is the Hovawart suitable for?

The Hovawart is a true family dog and possesses the best qualities such as friendliness, loyalty and good nature that characterise such a dog.

Likewise, the Hovawart can be optimally used as a guard dog for one’s own home or for the yard. With its distinct personality and high intelligence as well as independence, it immediately confronts any intruder. 

It also fits that the Hovawart is initially suspicious of strangers and needs a while to warm up to someone. 

But the Hovawart is also ideally suited as a sporting dog, for example for jogging or cycling. 

When is the best time to go jogging with your dog, we tell you in our article: When to go jogging with your dog.

The Hovawart needs a disciplined environment and is not necessarily suitable as a beginner’s dog. 

Because of his affection and sensitive side, the Hovawart needs a loving family around him that gives him enough exercise and activity. 

Which dog breeds are suitable as family dogs?

With such a large number of dog breeds, there are some dogs that would be suitable as a family dog.

Not all of them have these characteristics, but you might like one that makes you say: “Yes, I could imagine us having him!

  • Small dog breeds: Beagle

Beagles are extremely fond of children, friendly, even-tempered and also have a strong sense of self-confidence. Weighing between 10 and 18 kg, they belong to the small dog breeds. They appear bright, playful, agile and are particularly intelligent. Their short coat does not require any special care.

The Beagle is an absolute family dog and also suitable for beginners.
  • Small dog breeds: Chihuahua

The Chihuahua, which comes from Mexico, weighs between 1.5 and 3 kg and fits into any waistcoat pocket. With its lively nature, it appears extremely self-confident, spirited, courageous and curious. Chihuahuas are also known for their affection. This dog breed is a real couch snuggler with both long and short fur.

  • Small dog breeds: Maltese

The small Maltese weighs 3 to 4 kg. This makes it one of the mini dog breeds and makes it particularly suitable for keeping in smaller living areas. The Maltese city dog is intelligent, alert and spirited. He is also lively, eager to learn and playful. In conclusion, his affectionate nature makes him ideally suited as a family dog. With its medium length coat, it has somewhat higher grooming needs. Regular grooming may be necessary.

The maltese is an absolute family dog and also suitable for beginners.

For more information on the Maltese, see our breed comparison of Maltese and Havanese.

  • Medium-sized dog breeds: Dalmatian

101 Dalmatians – who doesn’t know the film? Children love the spotted four-legged friends. And rightly so! At 24 to 32 kg, they belong to the medium-sized dog breeds. They are extremely spirited, which is why they are less suitable for small children, but very suitable for older ones. They are also cuddly, attentive, loyal and agile. Their sensitive nature makes them a true comforter of souls. They are also known for their affection and intelligence. Due to their short coat length, no special grooming is required.

  • Medium-sized dog breeds: Labrador Retriever

Things get a little bigger with a 25 to 36 kg Labrador. This people-oriented four-legged friend delights with its playful character, good-naturedness and bright nature. Labradors are particularly loyal and reliable. They have a short coat that requires little time to groom.

The following breeds are also suitable:

When choosing a dog breed, bear in mind that every dog has its own character and that there are also dogs that belong to a suitable dog breed but are still not suitable for the job of a family dog.