Havanese or Maltese

Dogs are among the most popular pets. Of course, this also applies to Havanese and Maltese. In this article you will learn about the typical breed characteristics and traits of both types of dog, what makes them different and for which people they are suitable.

The cute little “esers” couldn’t be more similar. Are you thinking about getting one of these two cute dog breeds?

In character, temperament and behaviour, these dogs are very similar. Even as a layman they look almost the same in photos. But there are differences in detail. Let’s take a closer look.

Havanese – a social and companion dog

The Havanese belongs to the Bichon breeds and is a lively dog despite its size.

Typical breed characteristics of the Havanese

  •     White, black, fawn or tobacco, reddish and havanese brown coat.
  •     Size 23 to 27 cm
  •     Weight 4 to 8 kg
  •     Life expectancy 13 to 15 years

Typical breed characteristics of the Havanese include a height at the withers of between 23 and 27 centimetres and a weight of four to eight kilograms.

The coat of the Havanese can be pure white, but also black, tobacco, reddish brown, havanabrown or fawn. Its life expectancy is between thirteen and fifteen years.

The Havanese is small, but quite strong. The hair is abundant and dense. In addition, the coat is usually wavy.

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The Havanese is a very alert and lively dog.

The ratio of height at withers to body is relatively balanced. His head is of medium size, while the skull is domed to flat. The Havanese’s mop of hair is moderately prominent, the muzzle tapers towards the nose.

The eyes of the Havanese are large, almond-shaped and dark brown. They are rimmed with black to dark brown. The ears are relatively high on the head and fall to the cheeks. There are long fringes on the ears.

The neck of the Havanese is of medium length and straight. His croup slopes well. The dog carries his tail high, which is shaped like a crooked stick and curls.

Special characteristics of the Havanese

  •     alert
  •     lively
  •     cuddly
  •     playful

The Havanese is a very open-minded and alert dog. He learns quickly and with pleasure. His character is uncomplicated, so he is friendly to both people and animals.

He has a gentle and cuddly nature and is happy and playful.

Whether going for short or longer walks, you should not underestimate this little dog: He can be both a bundle of energy and very jovial.

Even if you want to teach him new things, the little Havanese is always up for it. He’ll put in a lot of effort if you get it right.

Who is suitable for the Havanese?

As the Havanese is sweet, gentle and happy, he is well suited to all people, whatever their age. He also gets along well with children, as he is always happy to play. However, you should never let children play with a dog unsupervised, no matter what breed it is. The Havanese is easy to keep.

Although small, it needs enough physical and mental activity, as it is athletic and active. Even long walks are no problem for him.

He really enjoys a lot of exercise. Since the Havanese is very alert, he must be patiently guided in the right direction so that he does not bark too often.

The Maltese – a social and companion dog

A robust and loyal dog that is one of the most popular small dog breeds. Like the Havanese, the Maltese belongs to the Bichon breeds.

Typical breed characteristics of the Maltese

  •     White coat
  •     Size 21 to 25 cm
  •     Weight 3 to 4 kg
  •     Life expectancy 13 to 15 years

The most striking feature of the Maltese is its white coat, which frames the body in long strands. If not trimmed, it is almost floor-length.

The size varies between 21 and 25 centimetres, depending on the sex. Maltese are slender, but do not appear petite or slender. This dog breed weighs between three and four kilograms. The body is longer than it is high.

The Maltese’s head is relatively broad, the top of the skull curving into a straight nose. It is also black and voluminous.

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The Maltese is a very cuddly and alert dog.

The eyes are dark, very large and round. The rims of the eyes are even darker, giving the Maltese his characteristic expression. The ears hang and reach approximately to the nose.

The life expectancy of the Maltese is high. They can live from 13 to 15 years.

Special character traits of the Maltese

  •     cuddly
  •     alert
  •     weak hunting instinct
  •     clings to his master

The Maltese is cuddly, yet agile and active. He has a close bond with his humans. Towards strangers he is reserved and shy.

If the Maltese is well socialised, he gets along well with other dogs, cats and other pets.

The Maltese loves to be petted and caressed. The dog breed is small, but still a full-fledged dog and must therefore have enough exercise and activity.

He is intelligent and has a keen sense of smell. His hunting instinct is weakly developed.

Overall, the Maltese is easy to train.

Who is suitable for the Maltese?

Maltese are loving and cuddly dogs, which is why they are also well suited as a family dog. He may also accompany his owners on all trips, whether you want to visit friends or do something else.

The Maltese is also suitable for older people. However, only if it is ensured that he can be exercised physically and mentally enough.

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The Maltese is not quite as strong as a Havanese. Nevertheless just as playful.

Health-wise, the Maltese is robust. Breed-typical diseases are extremely rare in the Maltese.

What is the difference between these two breeds?

At first glance, you may not notice much difference between the two breeds. But nevertheless you are interested in this difference, because you will certainly want to choose one of these dog breeds.

The most obvious difference is in appearance. Both breeds are small, but the Havanese is somewhat stronger than the Maltese.

Other differences can be seen in the coat. While the Havanese is not only white but also of different colours, the Maltese is pure white.

With both breeds you can be very lucky and your dog will be a bright and curious little fellow.

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Conclusion on Havanese or Maltese

Havanese or Maltese – now you know! You may still find it difficult to choose, because both breeds are simply adorable.

Both breeds are similar in size, life expectancy and weight. Small but mighty!

But maybe you want action or you prefer quiet hours – depending on your preference, you will find your favourite in the Maltese or Havanese.