My cat coos

When your cat coos at you, your cat feels comfortable and secure with you. Cat cooing can be an invitation to pet and cuddle. Likewise, cats coo when they want to be kept busy or want something to eat. Cats can communicate with each other by cooing and signal to other mates that they are …

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Cat has tongue out

Your cat has its tongue out because it is relaxing or because it has swallowed a foreign object and is having difficulty breathing.  Why does my cat always have its tongue out? Cats have their tongues out all the time when they are sleeping or relaxing, but also when they are having trouble breathing because …

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Cat’s dilated pupils

Cats with large pupils are happily excited and expecting something nice like food or a toy.  Cat pupils often tell us the mood of the cat. Pupils that are particularly large indicate joyful excitement, for example, when your cat is getting its food or has spotted a prey item.  Why do cats have slit pupils? …

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