What does my cat not like?

Cats do not like to be at home alone for too long, cigarette smoke and other scents such as cinnamon, vinegar or citrus, as well as too frequent changes of location and too loud music. 

Cats can cope in almost all climates and have adapted very well to their environment. However, there are a few things that your cat might not like. Here is a list of the most important things your cat might not like.

  •     Home alone for too long

Cats love to be kept busy and to play, romp and, above all, cuddle with their owners. That’s why you shouldn’t leave your cat home alone for too long. As a rule, cats should not be without their owners for more than 4 hours. Otherwise, your cat may get some stupid ideas. One solution would be to think about a second cat. Then your cat would always have a second playmate and would not get bored and feel alone during the day. 

Cats don’t like it when they don’t get any attention from the owner all day.
  •     Cigarette smoke and deodorants

Cats are very tolerant pets. But when it comes to their sense of smell, they are very sensitive. Cigarette smoke in the home or a cloud of perfume will often cause your cat to voluntarily move away from you. In this case, it would make sense to leave the cigarette smoke on the balcony or completely outside. Also, a simple room spray is often enough to get a refreshing room scent without emptying the whole deodorant can. 

  •     Pushy and too loud kids

Cats are very popular with children as soft toys and they also like to be stroked and cuddled by them. However, the volume of children playing is often not suitable for sensitive cat ears. You should make sure that your cat gets enough rest breaks and can withdraw from the noise. 

  •     TV or music boxes that are too loud

Cats have very sensitive ears and get stressed quickly when exposed to loud noise. That’s why you shouldn’t set your TV or jukeboxes to full blast. Make sure your cat always has a place to retreat to, where he can sleep in peace and where there is an appropriate volume in the room. An alternative to having good sound while watching TV is simple headphones, which can be bought cheaply almost anywhere. Your neighbours will also be very happy about this. 

  •     Constantly on the move

Cats are creatures of habit and need their daily routine. It’s not so helpful if you’re constantly taking your cat on the road with you and he has to readjust everywhere he goes. A new environment or a new home is stressful for your cat, as he has to get reoriented and explore his new territory. Too much stress can lead to serious illness in cats and should always be avoided. Cats always need their permanent home, where they can feel safe and secure. 

  •     Snatching a cat out of its dreams

Cats look very cute, especially when they are sleeping, and you immediately get the urge to stroke them tenderly. Cats do not like this and do not want to be disturbed or stroked during their sleep. The sudden waking up can lead to a bad mood in cats that can last all day.

Cats are very sensitive animals and can’t stand being woken up suddenly during their sleep.
  •     Cat selfies

Cats don’t like standing still by the window for an Insta-photo while the sun sets picturesquely behind them. Posing for a photo is not one of cats’ favourite things to do. Cats always want to move freely and hate being held. Rather take other selfies for your imaginary friends on the worldwide web. 

  •     Locked doors

Cats are true stalkers among pets and want to follow their owners everywhere. So it’s not good for your curious cat to be standing in front of a locked door and not be able to move. It’s best to leave all doors open so your cat can move freely around the house. 

Closed rooms your cat does not like.

What smell does my cat not like?

Cats do not like to smell essential oils, cinnamon, orange smells or even lavender from the garden.

Cats have a very sensitive nose and can detect even the smallest odour particles. It should be clear to everyone that many cats do not love all smells like a freshly prepared wet food menu. Especially when it comes to the litter box, cats know no joke. It should always be clean and tidy.

The dirty cat litter should be removed daily so that it always smells fresh and clean in the litter box. Make sure you don’t use cleaning sprays or other fragrances for cleaning. 

For many owners, tea tree oil or other healing scents such as eucalyptus or menthol may smell very good and be soothing. But for your cat, it doesn’t seem so at all. On the contrary! For cats, tea tree oils and other remedies are very toxic and can lead to serious illness. Cats only like the scent of valerian very much. 

But even normal scents, which are part of everyday life for us humans, are not particularly liked by your cats. These include scented candles, incense sticks, cinnamon and the intense smell of oranges. 

If you have planted lavender or harp shrubs in your garden, your cat will not be very happy. Citrus-scented plants are especially disliked by cats. This includes all kinds of essential oils. 

If you are a passionate cook, you should be careful with garlic, coriander, lemon and vinegar. Cats avoid all these smells and will stay away from you.

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Summary – What does my cat not like?

 Cats don’t like to change places all the time, whether it’s moving house or travelling permanently. Cats are creatures of habit and need their safe environment. Also, music that is too loud or a TV that is too loud will quickly cause your cat to become stressed. Cats get in a very bad mood if you suddenly pull them out of their dreams or if you don’t clean their litter box every day. If your cat is alone for more than 4 hours a day, consider a second cat as a playmate. To get new followers, don’t use your cat as a photo subject.

Cats don’t like to stand still and not be able to move freely. 

Due to their sensitive and delicate noses, cats do not like certain smells. Tea tree oils or essential oils are very toxic for cats and should not be near them. Incense and scented candles should also not be lit in the home. Likewise, your cat will not like the smell of lavender or citrus.

You should also be very sparing with garlic, coriander, cinnamon and vinegar when cooking, otherwise your cat will want to leave you very quickly.