At what age is a Cocker Spaniel fully grown?

The Cocker Spaniel is a popular dog with a striking coat. Its appearance cannot be overlooked.

But the Cocker Spaniel also grows into adulthood, just like any other puppy. But when is a Cocker Spaniel fully grown?

A Cocker Spaniel is fully grown at twenty-four months. It is then fully developed and has finished the puppy stage.

The dog also develops physically, mentally and emotionally. By the time he is fully grown, two years have passed.

As your dog grows, he learns new experiences and faces challenges as they arise. Your dog will reach maximum size after two years and will then have reached his full potential.

With the right approach, you will have a lot of fun raising your puppy.

What stages does a puppy go through?

Your Cocker Spaniel will grow for two years. During this time, there are different phases in which your dog develops and consolidates different skills.

Just like us humans, your Cocker Spaniel will go through certain stages of growth. However, remember that every dog is unique and the stages can be shortened or lengthened.

  •     Initial stage
  •     Transition phase
  •     Maturity stage

In the beginning, your Cocker Spaniel is busy growing and sleeping for the first two weeks of life. These are the main activities, because the little dog has to do a lot.

From the second to the fourth week, the puppies become more courageous and start to move around and away from their mother. They perceive sensory impressions more clearly through their eyes and ears.

From the fourth to the fifteenth week, they are in social contact with their peers. Everything around them wants to be explored. Humans are also part of this. During this time they need a lot of energy to be fully involved in their mental development.

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The first weeks are formative in the life of a puppy.

Puppies are usually sold during this period. Of course, this also depends on the breeder. The more your puppy has been allowed to explore so far, the better it is for its development.

From the sixteenth week onwards, curiosity increases and the opposite sex also becomes part of the new life picture.

Above all, your puppy has inexhaustible energy.

From the fourth month, puppies begin to test their limits more. There is more questioning and playing with conspecifics and fighting for rank. All of this is only natural for your dog’s development.

Emotional and mental maturity comes to your Cocker Spaniel from twelve months of age.

Between twelve and twenty-four months, your Cocker Spaniel will reach maximum weight and height. This varies from dog to dog and can change due to negative factors.

At the end of puppyhood, your Cocker Spaniel has grown by many impressions and experiences and is ready to enjoy life. You are a good team and you have already learned to pay attention to the most important points in your dog.

Breed profile of the Cocker Spaniel

What makes the Cocker Spaniel so popular?

You just have to love this affectionate and alert dog. In addition to good obedience, he is also said to have a reliable and watchful nature.

After the growth phase, your dog will be full-grown in both weight and size. Your Cocker Spaniel is then:

  •     38 to 41 cm
  •     12 to 15 kg

The life expectancy of a dog can be well over 15 years, for the Cocker Spaniel between 10 and 12 years are seen.

The Cocker Spaniel has a pleasant nature and is ideally suited as a family dog. He knows how to use his beauty as a companion dog and scores points as a fetching retriever.

Whether in gold, black, red and white, black and white or red – the Cocker Spaniel has a colourful palette.

How do I influence growth?

Nutrition plays a role in good growth. Your dog absorbs all the important nutrients through the food. Too much and too little would be fatal.

You can influence your dog’s growth by feeding him the right food.

  •     Healthy dog food
  •     Snacks

Depending on the age of the puppy, it is advisable to feed a suitable food. Younger dogs have different nutritional needs than older dogs.

You will help your dog to develop well and can contribute to a healthy development of your dog by feeding the right food.

Feeding plan for a puppy

Feeding for your Cocker Spaniel is different in puppyhood to adult doghood.

  •     Weaning up to 3 months of age: 4x daily feeding (morning, noon, afternoon and evening).
  •     3 to 6 months: 3x daily feeding (morning, afternoon, evening)
  •     6 to 12 months: 2x daily feeding (morning, (late) afternoon)
  •     1 year and older: 1 to 2x daily (noon, evening)

This schedule is a guide to what you can feed your Cocker Spaniel.

How can I help my dog grow?

Besides nutrition, exercise is an essential part of your relationship. As the saying goes, the way to a dog’s heart is through his stomach.

But that alone is not enough. Your young dog is full of zest for life and zest for action. Keep your Cocker Spaniel busy with sensible exercise, free running and head work.

Keep in mind that your dog’s ligaments and joints have to get used to the strain. Of course, your dog would love to go from 0 to 100 with joie de vivre, but you have to be careful that your dog also gets to rest.

In the early stages of growth, your dog can get injured more easily, so it is important to keep the right amount of exercise.

You should neither overdo nor underdo it.

However, you can actively help your Cocker Spaniel grow up healthy.

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There are many factors that go into a healthy Cocker.

Health problems

Your dog’s growth can be slowed down by negative factors.

These can include the following factors:

  •     Poor diet
  •     Stress
  •     Lack of affectionate parenting

You should always consult your veterinarian about any health problems that arise.

Choosing the right food is important because you can promote obesity by feeding the wrong food.

The growth of your dog is therefore dependent on the food, among other things. Feeding poor quality food for a longer period of time can delay your dog’s growth.

Consistent training is also important for a positive attitude. This should be affectionate but firm. Punishment and threats can cause psychological damage to your dog.

Stress is not a good companion for the dog’s body because of the cortisone that is released. This slows down healthy growth and can lead to delays.

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Conclusion – growing a Cocker Spaniel

Puppy growth takes about 2 years. During this time your dog grows and needs a proper education as well as a species-appropriate diet.

Between the newborn phase and the twelfth month of life, your Cocker Spaniel develops spiritually, physically and mentally. He learns to interact with his environment, tests boundaries and wants to be exercised in an age-appropriate way.

With the right mix of consistent training, love and food, you can avoid health problems. Growth is significantly influenced by this.