How often does a Maltese need a haircut?

You think that the Maltese is the perfect family dog for you and would like to get one?

The Maltese can go to the groomer every two to three months.

Of course, this should not be a problem, but nevertheless, it would be important for you to think about the grooming of a dog in good time, and with the Maltese, this definitely includes the demanding grooming of the coat.

But don’t worry, the term “demanding” seems a bit scary at first sight, but with the right knowledge you will immediately know what to expect when it comes to Maltese coat care.

Actually, grooming the coat is not that difficult if you know when and how often it needs to be groomed.

Regular grooming is very important for your Maltese

Unfortunately, a Maltese’s coat tangles very quickly, so you should brush your dog regularly. A coarse comb and a soft brush are recommended before your dog goes to the groomer at regular intervals of two to three months.

Get your Maltese used to regular grooming at an early age to make it easier for you.

How long you leave your Maltese’s coat is up to you. Whether chic for breeding or suitable for everyday use, they all want to be groomed.

In addition, it is very important that you comb the eye area carefully every day, because this area quickly becomes reddish, inflamed and then, of course, would not be good for your beloved four-legged friend, and you certainly want to avoid that.

You can also have the hair around the eyes trimmed by a groomer, because then your Maltese can see better.

With the right care, mud and rain will not harm your dog.

Scissors and co. at the groomer’s

There are Maltese with long hair and those with short hair. It depends on the type of Maltese you have at home, but one thing is for sure: you need to be trained in the use of scissors and clippers.

It’s about the safety of your four-legged friend and a professional can help you with that.

Some Maltese can only be clipped perfectly by being lightly leashed and held, others are constantly moving and a jerky movement could have nasty consequences.

For this reason, it helps if you go to a groomer every two to three months at the most and have your beloved four-legged friend clipped. This usually does not cost a lot of money and can easily be saved for the next appointment every month, even if the monthly budget is small.

The groomer is experienced in cutting and handling the comb and scissors or clippers of dogs and can also give you a few tips and tricks to use at home.

With some guidance, you can also manage to keep your Maltese in shape yourself. If you groom your Maltese regularly anyway, it’s easy to incorporate combing and clipping into your routine.

A Maltese must be bathed frequently

Since the coat of a Maltese can be described as “sensitive”, it is recommended that you bathe your four-legged friend regularly. Of course, this should not be exaggerated and certainly not daily.

Depending on the season, you can bathe your Maltese. In summer, of course, the conditions are better than in autumn or winter.

maltese are very playful dogs

You can use products that are specially made for dogs. Dogs’ skin has a different pH value than ours, which means that it reacts differently to ingredients.

Therefore, you should not simply use your hair shampoo or an “extra gentle” baby shampoo, your dog’s skin needs a different composition!

You should introduce your Maltese to bathing slowly. Use only lukewarm water and a non-slip surface. Especially in summer, your Maltese can air dry after being rubbed dry.

However, blow-drying is not ideal in the cold seasons either, your dog might find the air too hot. Therefore, let your dog air dry in a warm and draught-free area.

Grooming your Maltese’s coat

Before you regularly visit a groomer, you should of course know how to groom your Maltese yourself. This will save you a lot of money when you go to the groomer for your beloved four-legged friend, as you will have already freed the coat from dirt and tangles beforehand.

Soft brushes are ideal for removing dirt from the coat and simply untangling it. Coarser combs are suitable for matted coats, so that the coat can also enjoy a special beauty here.

With regular monthly washing, you can ensure that the dog groomer does not have a lot of work and that the final amount does not exceed the savings and the maximum possible budget.

Maltese are actually easy to keep, but their coat needs a little more care here and there. Actually, every dog’s coat needs the right care, but many dog owners just forget that.

However, with your desired breed you now have the best prerequisites to do everything right when it comes to coat care and hopefully you can do something with these tips so that your Maltese has a shiny coat.

Try your hand at grooming and see how beautiful your Maltese will look in the future. If you dare to use scissors or clippers, then watch a professional how to do it properly.

Conclusion Maltese – so often he has to go to the groomer

The Maltese coat needs to be groomed just like any other dog. But it also needs a lot of grooming.

The groomer can be visited every two to three months and can make your Maltese look smart again. In addition to comb and scissors, clippers can also be used, but this depends entirely on the desired cut.

Not only regular grooming of the coat is necessary, but also the area around the eyes must not be forgotten. In addition to suitable brushes for coat care, dog-friendly shampoo is also important for washing.

If your Maltese needs to be washed, it can be helpful to be well trained to do so. In any case, your dog can dry in a warm and draught-free place after washing.