Papillon or Chihuahua

When choosing the right dog, the question quickly arises as to which dog breed is suitable for you.

With the smaller dog breeds, the question arises: Is the Papillon or the Chihuahua better suited for us?

The Papillon as a companion and companion dog

The history of this dog breed goes back to a very early century.

The name Papillon is derived from the French language and means butterfly. Exact records of this dog breed have existed since the 13th century.

The Papillon needs a good education.

In aristocratic circles, the Papillon was considered a lady’s dog and was a popular souvenir. This breed also enjoyed great popularity in the British royal family and at the French court.

Because of these origins, the Papillon has developed into a social and companion dog.

The Papillon is also called the Continental Miniature Spaniel.

Typical breed characteristics

  •     Character – clever, friendly, lively
  •     Size approx. 28 cm
  •     Weight 2 to 5 kg
  •     Colour – all colours
  •     Life expectancy approx. 15 years

The Papillon is a so-called dwarf dog breed and is one of the smallest dogs in the world, weighing between 2 and 5 kilograms.

The average height at the withers of this breed is 28 centimetres. It belongs to the continental dwarf spaniels and has large prick ears.

The coat is long, shiny and without undercoat. The closer you get to the tail, the longer the hair should become. The coat at the withers should have a length of 7.5 centimetres and at the tail already 15 centimetres.

This of course applies to the show if you wish to obtain a rating in this breed of dog. As each dog is different, this should only be considered as a rough guide.

With a white coat background, all colours are otherwise permitted in the Papillon according to the standard.

The life expectancy of a Papillon is approximately 15 years.

If you travel a lot, the Papillon can also be taken along in a special dog bag. This is no problem due to its small size.

Characteristics of the Papillon

A Papillon is a playful and lively dog. Although he is small, he needs exercise and should not sit on your lap all day.

Nevertheless, he likes to be with you, because he bonds with his master or mistress.

Living with a Papillon is uncomplicated and he will always ask you to play new games. The Papillon is said to be good-natured, intelligent and lively.

This dog is also suitable as a family dog, as it is also fond of children.

With all these positive aspects, you should not neglect the educational side that this small dog with its striking ears brings with it.

Furthermore, it happens that the Papillon likes to hunt. This has been inherited from his ancestors.

Care and training of the Papillon

Regular brushing of the coat is particularly important in the Papillon. It does not need to be trimmed and therefore the breed is considered to be rather easy to groom.

Its coat is silky and has no undercoat.

The Papillon needs sufficient exercise.

The Papillon has no special dietary requirements. Make sure you feed him high quality food, which is important for his health.

The Papillon is very obedient and easy to train. You must lay the foundation for cohabitation in puppyhood. A slight strictness should not be lacking from your side in order to introduce the dog to its limits and to get it used to rules.

The education should be based on patience and if you take all this into account, you will have a great buddy at your side. The Papillon is friendly but smart. That means he pays close attention where you don’t.

Who is a Papillon suitable for?

The Papillon is an enthusiastic and lively little guy. He enjoys dog dancing or agility. The variety makes the little guy happy.

He also enjoys long walks in the countryside, but is also ideally suited as a city dog.

Whether beginner or experienced dog owner, the Papillon is equally suitable for both.

The Chihuahua as a social and companion dog

The small Chihuahua is a big dog at heart. It is the inner size that counts with him, despite his small size.

The small and fine dog has a distinctive appearance.

The Chihuahua probably originated in Mexico, where it was valued by the Aztecs as a popular pet dog. In the middle of the 19th century he was bred in the USA and quickly spread all over the world.

The Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world, but is much more than just a lap dog.

Typical breed characteristics

  •     Character – lively, strong-willed, people-oriented
  •     Size approx. 3 kg
  •     Weight approx. 20 cm
  •     Colour unicoloured or multicoloured
  •     Life expectancy up to 17 years

The little one reaches a weight of 3 kilograms and a height at the withers of 20 centimetres.

It has large ears that resemble bat wings and protrude far from the head. The head is apple-shaped and he has large, slightly protruding eyes.

The Chihuahua has a compact build, which is well proportioned, and muscular, slender legs.

Depending on the breed, you can find the breed with smooth, long wavy or short coat. Also in different colours, for example white or black and also in brown or red shades.

The Chihuahua is a very lively dog that needs a lot of exercise.

The longest life expectancy for this little guy is known to be 20 years. This is a proud age for a Chihuahua. On average, the life expectancy of these dogs is somewhat lower.

Character traits of the Chihuahua

Despite its size, the Chihuahua has a lively and strong-willed character. Furthermore, he has a courageous, attentive and loyal nature.

He is rather choosy in deciding whom to give his affection to. Nevertheless, the Chihuahua is people-oriented.

He remains loyal even when being cared for by several people in the family. The Chihuahua likes to be the centre of attention and often draws attention to itself by barking.

Despite its small size, it can walk long distances on its own and does not necessarily need to be carried in a handbag.

You can even have fun with your little guy in dog sports. Whether agility, ball games or specific training – this dog breed wants to be kept busy.

Care and education of the Chihuahua

When buying food, pay attention to the size of the food. It should be very small so that the Chihuahua can still chew the individual kibbles in its mouth.

A mixture of wet and dry food is often recommended. Wet food keeps your dog’s water balance high and dry food cares for the teeth.

The Chihuahua needs a good education.

If you have chosen a long-haired Chihuahua, daily brushing is especially important. Your dog’s silky coat needs brushing to prevent matting.

Ears and eyes should be checked regularly. The breed is often prone to tear stains under the eyes and there should be no dirt or other debris in the ears.

Who is a Chihuahua suitable for?

The Chihuahua is very affectionate towards people and always wants to be with them. He often shows his protective instinct and will look out for you.

He needs mental demands and lots of exercise. The Chihuahua likes long walks in the woods as well as specific training and ball games.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced in dog ownership, this small dog breed is equally suitable for all.

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Conclusion on two small and quite similar dog breeds

Whether Papillon or Chihuahua – at first glance both dog breeds are very similar.

Small, agile and like to be in the front – equally suitable for beginners and advanced.

In terms of character, there are slight differences that should hardly show with good training.

The choice for a dog breed is therefore much more difficult.