Newfoundland or Leonberger

We can help you decide whether to choose a Newfoundland or a Leonberger.

Here you can find out the basic differences and what you should look out for in the respective dog breeds.

The Newfoundland – A teddy dog for the whole family

Typical breed characteristics

  •     Character: friendly, intelligent, loyal, 
  •     Height: female 66 cm, male 71 cm
  •     Weight: female 54 kg, male 68 kg
  •     Colours: brown, black, white-black
  •     Life expectancy: 9 to 12 years

In the past, the Newfoundland was often used as a draught dog on the island whose name it bears. 

The Newfoundland is particularly fond of water and acts like a magnet for it. This is why he is especially popular with lifeguards as a rescue dog and is quickly trained as such due to his high intelligence. 

The newfoundland has a very calm character.

The Newfoundland has a very good-natured as well as calm character and does not let himself be ruffled by anything. 

His size of up to 71 cm and his weight of maximum 68 kilograms make him appear extremely robust and strong. It is not for nothing that he looks like a loving teddy dog at first sight. 

Typical diseases of this dog breed include cruciate ligament rupture, bone cancer and hip problems.

Care and training

Newfoundlands need to be brushed several times a day. Especially during the coat change in spring and late autumn, the old hair must be brushed off. Otherwise parasite infestation or eczema can quickly develop. 

The training of the Newfoundland is usually very easy. He is very willing to learn and has a high intelligence. 

Nevertheless, the training should be carried out very consistently, but also with a lot of love and gentleness, otherwise it can lead to problems in later life. 

Newfoundlands are especially popular as rescue dogs in water and can be quickly trained for this. 

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Who is a Newfoundland suitable for?

Newfoundlands need a lot of space in the house and also in the garden. Ideally, there should be a large lake or other water source where he can swim and run around daily.

He is a perfect family dog who is also good with other pets such as cats. Especially with small children, nothing can upset the Newfoundland and he can stand the occasional tug or tug on his coat. 

The Newfoundland likes his daily exercise and has a loving character.

The Newfoundland needs a lot of exercise in his daily routine and loves to be petted by children. 

Newfoundlands are not well suited for cycling and jogging. They rather love the water and longer walks. 

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In summer, Newfoundlands need a shady retreat, as they have a very thick coat.

Leonberger – a gentle giant for the whole family

Typical breed characteristics

  •     Character: self-confident, good-natured, intelligent, friendly
  •     Size: female 75 cm, male 80 cm
  •     Weight: 60 to 75 kilograms
  •     Colours: sandy, lion yellow, red, with black mask

The Leonberger is a fantastic family dog and very good-natured and affectionate. 

With a height of up to 80 cm and a stately weight of maximum 75 kilograms, he is a very robust and strong dog.

The Leonberger needs daily exercise and movement.

With his unique manner and his beauty, he has already ensnared the Austrian Empress Sissi and was considered one of her favourite animals. 

The Leonberger is very open-minded and can learn a lot in a very short time.

Typical diseases of this dog breed are gastric torsion, arthrosis and heart disease.

Care and training

The Leonberger is very willing to learn and has a high intelligence. Especially in puppyhood, the dog should be taught the basics of good training, otherwise it can lead to major problems later in life. 

The dog breed is considered to be very quick to learn and you can also give him many compact tasks to solve. 

On a large property with lots of run and ideally a small lake, the Leonberger will find his paradise on earth. 

He should be kept busy for several hours a day with exercise or sporting activities such as swimming or volleyball. 

When it comes to coat care, the Leonberger is very easy to keep. The large dog does not need more than daily brushing. The Leonberger should be used to this from an early age. 

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Who is a Leonberger suitable for?

The Leonberger is a wonderful family dog and needs a large, loving family around him that he can always protect. 

Due to its size, it is best not to live in the middle of a big city on the 11th floor. A large house with a garden and an adjacent park or lake would be the most ideal for a Leonberger. 

Like the Newfoundland, the Leonberger has a very calm and balanced character.

Owners should also not underestimate the high costs of a Leonberger. The amount of food and the possible veterinary costs can quickly skyrocket. 

The Leonberger needs several hours of exercise and activity every day. This will take a lot of time and is therefore not a dog that should be left at home alone. 

Especially with families with children, the Leonberger obviously feels at home and lets you do all sorts of things with him. 

Due to its size, the Leonberger cannot be put in a small Mini or Smart. A large family car with a boot specially designed for him is a must for a Leonberger. 

Newfoundland and Leonberger – The direct differences in temperament

In terms of stature, the two do not differ very much. The Leonberger is on average somewhat larger and also somewhat heavier.

Both breeds are absolute family dogs and need a lot of love. Especially the Newfoundland, with its very good-natured and loving nature, is very patient with children. 

The Leonberger and the Newfoundland are both very large dogs and need a lot of space in the house and a large garden for exercise as well as several hours of sporting activities. 

The Newfoundland is a true water dog and is often used as a rescue dog. 

When it comes to sporting activities, the Leonberger is much more flexible and you can jog and cycle with him without any problems. It is better not to try this with the Newfoundland because of its joints.  

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Conclusion on two loving dog breeds

Regardless of whether you choose a Newfoundland or a Leonberger, deciding on a dog brings with it the fact that you have to take on responsibility. 

In any case, it requires perseverance in training. Even though both dog breeds are considered absolute family dogs, they still need to be well trained.

Can you imagine living with a dog? Inform yourself well and you will get a faithful companion!