How often to feed Cavapoo?

The Cavapoo needs individual feeding. But what does this look like? In our article, we explain which quantity is optimal for him and how a feeding plan can be designed.

The age of your Cavapoo determines how often you can feed him. So the frequency of feedings depends on the age of your Cavapoo. As a puppy, four meals is a good direction. Of course, your pet’s exercise and body type also play a role. When fully grown, Cavapoos can be fed twice a day.

For strenuous activity, you need to assess your dog’s need for a snack at this time. It makes no sense to let your Cavapoo run completely ragged and not provide any energy. You are responsible for your dog’s health.

It is a good idea to include treats in the game, for example.

In addition to activity, food selection also plays a role. Adjust the amount of food to your dog’s activity level. Not permanently, of course, as dogs should not be eating different food all the time.

Rich foods could make your dog fatter if you feed a lot of unhealthy ingredients. So nutritional value is also important when offering your dog food.

By feeding a small amount of nutrient-rich, high-quality dog food, you create a good basis for your Cavapoo to feel well-fed and healthy.

Typical characteristics of a Cavapoo in feeding

The Cavapoo is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. Its appearance will make any Cavapoo owner melt.

In addition to his cute appearance, your dog will have a lot of energy and will be happy to be with you at all times.

The following points play a role in feeding:

  •     Age of the Cavapoo
  •     Activities
  •     Quality of the food offered

First of all, age plays a decisive role. A puppy wants to be able to eat more often during the day. His organism is not yet ready to cope with less food during the day. Growth demands a lot of nutrients and the small dog consumes a lot of energy.

Depending on the state of health, the food offered can vary throughout the day. As a puppy, up to four meals a day are optimal. However, older dogs and those who are athletically challenged may need more frequent, high-quality feeding.

If your dog is a senior, talk to your vet about how often and what supplements your dog should get. Your vet will be able to give you tailor-made answers.

On very active days with lots of exercise and sports sessions, where your Cavapoo is also really challenged, you can offer your dog additional food. Treats or an additional meal are a good idea. When you feed your Cavapoo extra food must be decided according to your dog’s nature.

Does he need more energy in the morning or in the afternoon?

The petite Cavapoo always wants to look its best. So it is not necessary to feed him too much. Adjust the feeding amount to the planned activities. After hours of walking, he may appear slimmer. In any case, overweight should be avoided.

Good dog food and bad dog food

Of course, what your Cavapoo gets to eat can also play a role. The list of ingredients always lists everything that is in the product on offer.

But beware: certain ingredients do not have to be declared. They are included and are not listed on the packaging.

Cheap dog food can be just as good as expensive dog food. But expensive dog food can also contain bad ingredients, just like cheap dog food.

Feel free to talk to your vet or find out about possible feeds. Some say there’s nothing like dry food, others swear by wet food and the third group thinks barfing is the ultimate.

It all depends on how you feel and what your Cavapoo responds well to.

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Dogs should always get high quality dog food.

Do I have to feed several times a day?

The Cavapoo puppy in particular needs special attention. It is still growing and it is understandable not to want to do anything wrong.

For each Cavapoo, it depends on your daily schedule and the health of your dog.

Depending on your desired routine, you can feed your Cavapoo before or after your own meal. It is important that the dog is not fed after exercise, i.e. walking or chasing balls, but before exercise.

This applies equally to puppies and adult Cavapoos. For adult Cavapoos, feeding twice a day is sufficient.

As we mentioned above, it is good to feed your Cavapoo puppy four times a day.

Get into the habit of feeding your Cavapoo at the same time every day. Of course, your dog will not mind if you feed him sooner or later. If your Cavapoo puppy is very hungry, you can use treats to make feeding easier. This is a fun way for your Cavapoo to learn new things.

More tips and ideas: What time to feed the dog?

Of course, you should keep an eye on your Cavapoo’s weight when feeding. Neither too slim nor a tendency to be overweight is okay from a health point of view.

My Cavapoo eats very quickly, should I feed more?

If you are unsure about the amount of food your Cavapoo really needs, you have to consider the combination of necessary exercise, sporting spirit and rest periods in relation to body weight.

If health problems have been ruled out, i.e. the vet has not diagnosed any impairments, you can draw up a plan for your Cavapoo. This will help you to find out when you should feed more and when the fat pads are getting out of hand.

A key element is the quality of the food on offer. Ingredients that come from the factory are less likely to be beneficial to your health than if you stick to the natural diet.

Your Cavapoo will normally eat whatever you offer it. There is no feeling of satiety in the sense that there is with us. When your Cavapoo looks at you with his loyal eyes, you pour a second helping into the bowl, even though it would actually already be too much.

If you enjoy trying out your own recipes, then your Cavapoo will also be happy to have some variety on the menu. For a good diet, you can also use other foods besides meat.

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Is one feeding a day enough for my Cavapoo?

Does the time not fit, did you simply forget to feed or is the food even empty on Sunday morning? Then the thought comes to mind that one feeding today will have to be enough.

From a health point of view, feeding during the day is not a good idea! Feeding should take place at most every 12 hours. The dog could otherwise suffer from nausea and the stomach acid also gives him a hard time.

The digestive system should usually not immediately sound the alarm if there is a feeding failure, but it is not a good choice for your Cavapoo. For a healthy lifestyle, the dog should get something to eat at least twice a day.

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Conclusion Feeding Cavapoo correctly

To keep an agile Cavapoo, it makes sense to look into the right diet. But apart from the diet, it is also a question of how. Young and older Cavapoos in particular need their meals more often, while adult dogs can be content with two meals a day.

Skipped meals should not become the rule; the next feeding should take place after a maximum of 12 hours.

What the dog is ultimately fed will sooner or later show in its appearance. Good quality contributes more to the dog’s well-being than poor ingredients from industrial products.