Cat’s dilated pupils

Cats with large pupils are happily excited and expecting something nice like food or a toy.  Cat pupils often tell us the mood of the cat. Pupils that are particularly large indicate joyful excitement, for example, when your cat is getting its food or has spotted a prey item.  Why do cats have slit pupils? …

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When to let cats out?

In Germany, cats are still the undisputed number one among pets. With more than 14.8 million velvet paws, there are of course many questions about letting the four-legged friends outdoors, which we would like to answer here. In particular, the right age for the first free walk is a recurring topic, which we are happy …

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Cat does not like treats

If your cat doesn’t like to eat her treats, you could try offering her a different type of treat. Likewise, you can try rewarding her via clicking for a positive behavior. You can also try offering a small portion of your cat’s favorite food to reward her for a mastered exercise. Cats are very finicky …

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