Cat does not like treats

If your cat doesn’t like to eat her treats, you could try offering her a different type of treat. Likewise, you can try rewarding her via clicking for a positive behavior. You can also try offering a small portion of your cat’s favorite food to reward her for a mastered exercise. Cats are very finicky …

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Cat likes only fish

That your cat only likes fish could have health consequences for your cat. Even though fish contains good omega-3 fatty acids and important vitamins, fish should only make it into your cat’s diet once a week. Especially the heavy metal content and the high iodine content can be harmful for cats in the long run. …

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Cat only wants to eat

Cats might want to eat more often due to illness or boredom, as well as in the winter to maintain their body temperature. What are the causes that my cat always wants to eat? One cause of your cat only wanting to eat could be hyperthyroidism, diabetes, worm infestation or loneliness and depression in your …

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