Are Yorkshire Terriers fond of children?

The cute and totally adorable Yorkie, as it is also called, is a lively dog breed. Of course, the Yorkie is small and manageable, doesn’t need so much food and gets along with little exercise.

The Yorkshire Terrier is ideal for children. They love to be entertained and can also solve tricky tasks.

In addition to all this, it is important that both the children and the Yorkie learn to deal with each other calmly. So if you are looking for a lovable dog for the whole family and can imagine wanting to call a small Yorkie your own for up to 15 years, you can be happy with the Yorkie.

Perhaps the Yorkie can be given its own area within the four walls where it can retreat. Sometimes children don’t know boundaries and don’t realise it until it’s too late when the dog actually needs a break.

The Yorkshire Terrier has a very affectionate character.

The complete Yorkie package is ideal for children and as a family dog. His characteristics make him a lovable, great and bright dog. Let’s take a look at these characteristics together.

How does the Yorkie behave?

The typical characteristics of a family dog are

  •     balanced nature
  •     playful character
  •     loyal and reliable
  •     resilient and stress-resistant
  •     fond of children and non-aggressive
  •     loves to cuddle
  •     average urge to move

The Yorkie offers a calm disposition for children. This dog has characteristics that make him an all-rounder. Small but mighty!

The energy of a Yorkie can be well covered by the children. Of course, a garden where everyone can run, romp and run together would be ideal. For the children, the Yorkie offers incentives to think along and is a playmate at the same time.

Yorkshire Terrier is wonderful with children.

There are also age-appropriate games for children that they can try out together with the dog with the help of an adult. Supervision is also necessary until the children behave responsibly towards the Yorkie.

Every dog has a unique character and so does the Yorkshire Terrier. Ideally, the Yorkie is a calm and active representative of its breed. However, if you come across a timid and shy Yorkie, this is not the end of a family dog.

It is important to find a balance between your own wishes and the needs of the Yorkie. On the whole, however, Yorkies like to be with people and especially with children playing, there is something going on and maybe there are treats.

With all activities it is always important to have an adult with you, as long as the children are not yet doing everything right in handling the Yorkie.

How well does the Yorkie get along with a baby?

As a new mother, the baby is a wonder above all others. No one is allowed to harm the little miracle. So of course the question arises, will a Yorkie get along with my baby?

Normally, the Yorkie is to a baby as it is to an older child. Ideally, the Yorkie and the baby get to know each other from an early age and grow older together. This constellation often occurs when a baby joins the family and the Yorkie has lived there for some time.

Yorkshire Terrier is very popular among children.

Always watch your Yorkie very closely and be attentive that the Yorkie always follows the rules that you have set up. A peaceful coexistence can only develop if you have the Yorkie before the baby arrives.

Raising a puppy and a baby at the same time can be very challenging. Often the dog gets the short end of the stick and this is to the detriment of his training.

The baby will not be able to respond to the dog in the right way, so it is very important that you have the Yorkie under control. Basic commands must be correct!

Especially if the Yorkie is easily animated to play, the baby can cause situations that can be dangerous for them. But it doesn’t have to come to that.

It is still easiest if another person can concentrate fully on the Yorkie. With puppies there is bite habituation, which should be trained separately. Snapping at the baby should be avoided. Also when the baby slowly gets older and thus more mobile, the Yorkie feels motivated to play along and can become more demanding.

This dog breed is very fond of children.

Who comes first – the baby or the Yorkie?

Often the desire for a dog is preceded by a long period of planning and consideration. Can I do the dog justice financially – what should I look out for when buying a dog or is a Yorkie even suitable as a family dog?

A dog is an educational task, but it can be completed more quickly than with humans. Babies, for example, are often completely dependent on their mothers until they are 3 or 4 years old, before they slowly understand the world.

A dog also needs basic training, but this can be completed within a year, depending on the type.

So it is easier to get the Yorkie first, before the baby comes. Of course, the order can also be reversed. So first get the baby and when the effort with the baby is less, get a Yorkie.

A puppy needs full attention. If this is not given to him, mistakes can slowly creep into his behaviour, which can become real problems later on.

The daily routine for a puppy in particular can be split up into the baby’s rest periods, and this becomes exhausting.

There is no optimum age for a Yorkie. It depends entirely on the external circumstances and whether there are enough time reserves to do justice to everyone.

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Conclusion Are Yorkshire Terriers fond of children

The Yorkshire Terrier is small, but an ideal companion for the family. His nature is charming, he can be lively and gentle at the same time. The small dogs like to be kept busy.

Children are ideal for this, as the Yorkie will get on well with them. In daily handling, the Yorkie must learn to listen to basic commands. Unforeseen situations can then be handled more easily.

The Yorkie will love the children, they love to play with him and certainly always have treats with them.

But babies are also a great addition to the Yorkie, as long as both dog and baby are catered for.