How do I keep my dog away from the Christmas tree?

It is important to keep your dog away from the Christmas tree as it can fall over and the pine needles are very poisonous for your dog. It’s best to spread lavender around the tree, as your dog doesn’t like the smell. You can also place your dog’s favourite toy near the Christmas tree to keep your dog occupied. Make sure that the Christmas tree is secure and that your dog cannot reach the water of the tree.

Dogs should not go too close to the Christmas tree as there are many dangers lurking there for them.

As every year at Christmas, many Christmas trees are put up in German homes. But what should you do if your dog gets too interested in the new Christmas tree? Unfortunately, this can quickly become dangerous and it should be avoided at all costs that your dog gets too close to the Christmas tree.

You can use the following methods to keep your dog away from the Christmas tree:

  •     Spread some lavender flowers around the tree. Dogs don’t like the smell and will stay away from the tree.
  •    Put the Christmas tree in the living room long before Christmas. This will give your dog some time to get used to the tree. Decorate the tree especially late, when your dog is no longer interested in it.
  •     Put your dog’s favourite toy next to the Christmas tree so that he has enough to do.
Your dog’s favourite toy can distract him from the tree.
  •     Make sure that if your dog finds the Christmas tree too interesting despite all countermeasures, that he listens to your clear “no”. Otherwise, you can simply keep your dog away from the Christmas tree with a splash of water.

Which Christmas trees are poisonous for dogs?

Poinsettias, Advent wreaths and other plants are often placed in the home, especially in winter. Poinsettias in particular can be very dangerous for your dog because of their essential oils and needles. Therefore, they should not be placed within reach of your dog. But other plants are also dangerous and poisonous for your dog. Here we have compiled a small overview for you:

  •     Poinsettia
  •     Mistletoe
  •     Lucky clover (which is especially given away at New Year’s Eve)
  •     Holly
  •     Christmas rose
  •     all conifers such as fir, pine and spruce

What is dangerous for my dog on a Christmas tree?

The conifers in particular are very poisonous for your dog. If they are swallowed, they can cause intestinal perforation. The essential oils of Christmas trees are also pure poison for your dog. 

The Christmas tree should always be safe and stable.

Not only is the Christmas tree itself very dangerous for your dog, the tree water is also very harmful for him. The water absorbs the tree’s resin, which can then contain toxic substances. 

Since the tree is considered your dog’s personal climbing paradise, the Christmas tree can easily fall over and your dog can be seriously injured. 

The Christmas decorations hanging on the tree can also be very dangerous for your dog. Glittery tinsel and Christmas baubles are particularly tempting to play with. Often the decorations are chemically treated and your dog can be seriously poisoned if he licks or nibbles them. But dropped Christmas baubles can also be broken very easily and the small parts can be swallowed by your dog or lead to serious injuries. 

Christmas tree lights are also a great source of danger for your dog. Your dog is too fond of chewing on the power cables, which can very quickly prove fatal. 

Christmas tree lights can be chewed on by dogs.

Are there any Christmas trees that are safe for dogs?

If you don’t want your dog to have to do without a Christmas tree in your home, you can put up a blue spruce instead of a poisonous Nordmann fir. This has very prickly needles and your dog will leave the tree alone. 

How can you make the Christmas tree safe for your dog?

To ensure that a beautifully decorated Christmas tree does not become a danger for your dog, you can pay special attention to a few points:

Glass balls should not be used, as dogs can injure themselves on them.
  •     The Christmas tree decorations:

You should especially avoid poisonous tinsel and easily breakable glass balls as Christmas decorations. These can easily be swallowed or lead to serious injuries. Christmas decorations made of wood or paper, on the other hand, are safer. Cinnamon sticks, gingerbread figures and nuts are also safe decorations for the Christmas tree. 

  •     Lighting on the Christmas tree:

Candles should not be used as they can easily be knocked over by dogs, which can have serious consequences. It also makes sense to do without fairy lights or at least to hide the power cables as well as possible so that your dog cannot chew on them. 

  •     The Christmas tree stand:

The Christmas tree stand should be sturdy, heavy and very stable so that it cannot be knocked over. You should also cover the water container of the fir tree well, as the water is poisonous for your dog. 

  •     The location of the fir tree:

It makes sense that the Christmas tree is in a lockable room that you can lock at any time when your dog is alone at home. 

Despite all these measures, dangerous accidents for dogs can still happen. A good solution would be to offer your dog other toys to distract him from the Christmas tree. New toys for your dog are sure to keep him away from the tree for a while. 

Make sure your dog doesn’t get too close to the tree.

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Summary – How do I keep my dog away from the Christmas tree?

It is important to keep your dog away from the Christmas tree. Give your dog plenty of toys to keep him occupied and distracted. You can also just put lavender around the Christmas tree. Dogs do not like the smell of it.

Make sure the Christmas tree is in a safe place and that there is no poisonous tinsel hanging in the tree. Glass balls should also be avoided.

You should also avoid real candles, otherwise it can quickly turn into a disaster. 

Give your dog a chance to look at the tree before Christmas without it being decorated.