Which terrier is the calmest?

Terriers are dogs with a unique character, proud on the one hand, but with a strong personal will.

One of the calmest terriers is the Airedale Terrier. Of course, there are many other terrier breeds, all of which have their merits.

Let’s take a look at these small but special dogs together.

Special features of a terrier

It is a small to medium breed that knows how to assert itself and shows it. You can call them hunting dogs, once they find a foxhole in nature, they will do everything to catch the animal inside.

This can go so far that they sometimes get stuck in a tighter burrow of a badger or fox, they themselves don’t care.

Terriers are very small and yet very stubborn dogs and need good training.

They have a wiry coat, which can also be curly. The coat should be groomed. They do not really get along with other dog breeds, but they tolerate them generously.

On the other hand, they are loving family dogs who adore their masters and mistresses. But the owners must not miss to show their darling who is the master of the house.

Terriers like to take over the reigns. They don’t really like to be alone and are sometimes “offended” when they have been alone for a longer period of time.

Because of their pride they are not so easy to train, you need a lot of authority for the training, you will also get a lot back. then it will work out with both of you.

Which terrier breeds are there?

There are quite a few breeds to name, let’s list the best known ones.

These include:

  •     Jack Russell Terrier
  •     Border Terrier
  •     Wirehaired Fox Terrier
  •     Irish Terrier
  •     Fox Terrier
  •     West Highland White Terrier
  •     Boston Terrier
  •     Airedale Terrier
  •     Yorkshire Terrier

Now let’s take a closer look at some breeds. You will be pleased with many terrier breeds, although each has its advantages and disadvantages.

But what is true for all terriers is that they have a headstrong character, but also want to experience new things and are affectionate.

The Wirehaired Fox Terrier

Unfortunately it is no longer a fashionable dog, in the 1970s it was quite different. These pretty dogs were the favourites when it came to buying a dog.

They are also very pretty elegant animals that have a wonderful dog body, especially the head is beautiful and quirky to look at. The whiskers can be combed forward in an idiosyncratic way and the whole guy is perfect.

As headstrong as he comes across, he can also be in need of love. His instinct is unique and he has a perfect sense of time.

Colour-wise, they are often white in the “base colour” with larger black and brown spots. This makes them easy to distinguish from other animals. These beautiful terriers are proud, headstrong and not easily moulded.

Unique as a hunting dog, they will not give up until they have pulled their prey out of a den, but they will not kill it.

The Boston Terrier

This is the American answer to the German Terrier. It is a cross between a German terrier and an American bulldog.

It is quite uncomplicated to keep, it is lively and almost exudes good humour.

A disadvantage is that the breed has very short fur, so they freeze quite quickly in winter. Unfortunately, its eyes are very large and protrude, which is not always really nice.

They also have a very short muzzle and this makes them snore quickly.

The West Highland White Terrier

The Westie is one of the four well-known Scottish terrier breeds. Besides the Westie, there are the Scottish, the Cairn and the Skye Terrier.

Westie is a common abbreviation for this white dog. His cross, active and exercise seeking nature is typical of the terrier.

He enjoys everything and often shows his stubborn side, especially when it comes to training. Nevertheless, he knows how to charm and has a large fan community thanks to his looks.

This dog is ideal not only for families, but also for single people.

The Fox Terrier

It is a particularly beautiful terrier breed with short hair, it comes across as particularly elegant and it will soon be your favourite in all aspects of life.

It is the perfect family dog that can also show its other side during walks. They never get tired even after long walks in God’s great outdoors, they can take a lot.

They love to shoo the neighbour’s cat and dig in the ground. Just let him do it, it’s his nature.

Yorkshire Terrier

You won’t believe it, but this cute little terrier breed has had its hunting days. Because of their cute size, you don’t think at all that the Yorkshire Terrier is part of this breed.

The Yorkshire Terrier has a very affectionate and also calm character.

He is now actually the sweet companion of often lonely ladies who have found the perfect animal companion. Just an animal to cuddle and cuddle.

It is not uncommon to see him on his mistress’ arm, crowned with a bow in his hair. You should remember at this point that the coat needs very good care.

But this little guy cannot deny his origin, deep down in his little soul he has simply remained a terrier. Therefore, sometimes this often spoiled little terrier breed is underestimated, but he himself sometimes suffers from overestimation.

Which terriers are the calmest?

The Airedale Terrier is not quite as lively. He can’t deny his origins, but a terrier is a terrier. He has not been known in our area for very long and has only recently begun to conquer the hearts of dog lovers.

Not so advantageous is his long coat, which needs more care. In any case, he is very popular, fond of children, always friendly and patient. In time his circle of friends will grow. He is a real family dog.

On the one hand very balanced, a trait you will like and you can take him everywhere, he knows how to behave because he can adapt at any time.

He feels and thinks like his master and that is why it is a dog breed that is very loved and appreciated, a strong dog personality that also has his own head, but on the other hand can estimate exactly how to keep the love of his master.

For whom are terriers particularly well suited?

Terriers are particularly well suited to families who themselves have a great urge to exercise and need to be constantly on the move.

Terriers are also great companions for children through the day, they have a playmate and they have an excellent protector. He also likes to be the “nanny”, you as mum or dad don’t need to be afraid.

He accepts the family offspring in all things. The little ones are also allowed to pull him by the fur – nothing too bad.

It doesn’t really matter which terrier breed you choose, you will always meet the right “partner”, a little impatient, but a partner for life who gives you a lot of pleasure and is the real boss and “determiner” in his way, a faithful companion in your life.

You can also fully rely on him when it comes to the little ones in the family. He will always protect and defend them, even if he would put himself in danger. It doesn’t matter at that moment.

His terrier nature does not allow anything else. These animals not only have a special nature, they are also beautiful and proud to look at.

A great breed of dog that is worth loving.

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Conclusion Terrier

One of the calmest terriers is the Airedale Terrier. The other terrier dog breeds also all have advantages and disadvantages in terms of character, temperament and upbringing.

In addition to the better-known terriers, such as the Yorkshire Terrier, there are other terrier breeds where each dog has its own personal characteristics.

Which terrier breed is right for you depends on your situation.