Are dogs allowed to eat apples?

Along with many vegetables and fruits, apples are very popular. They are particularly popular in autumn and winter, and in summer they are especially tasty in the garden.

Dogs are allowed to eat apples – but not the whole apple and without seeds.

Can my dog eat apples at all?

In principle, dogs are allowed to eat apples. However, it is important to remove the seeds from the apple.

Apple cores contain prussic acid, which can poison the dog if eaten. If your dog does not like the apple with the skin, you can simply peel it.

What are the benefits of giving apples to the dog?

Just like in humans, an apple contains many vitamins and can help your pet’s digestion.

In addition, an apple has a similar effect on your four-legged friend as a toothbrush. For dental health, apples are a positive plus.

How do I feed my dog apples?

As mentioned above, the cores must always be removed.

If your dog has stomach or intestinal problems, grate the apple together with the peel and mix it into the food.

If your dog is a little sceptical, you can also puree the apple so that it is even more finely distributed in the food.

If your dog doesn’t like this variety, try another one. There are many different types of apples and the flavours range from sweet to sour.

Maybe your dog would eat the other apple right away.

If you notice that your dog loves apples, they make a great training snack. Just cut them into small pieces and give them as a reward.

Apples can also be a little miracle food when it comes to dental care. It’s best to cut a small piece and give it to your dog after eating wet or dry food.

The apple has a cleansing effect on the teeth and gums. This keeps the teeth clean and reduces tartar build-up.

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Red and round – this is how your dog likes to eat apples

Which apple varieties are suitable for feeding?

You don’t need to worry much about the choice of variety. Experience shows that dogs like red and nicely ripe apples better than the bitter Granny Smith.

As mentioned above, the list of apple varieties is long.

If you feed the apple with the peel, you should make sure that the apple is organically grown. Because the sprayed peel is not healthy for humans or animals.

And with the organic variety, you are also doing something for the local farmers.

The sweetest apples include:

  •     Helios
  •     Gala
  •     Resi

These have a lower acid content and are therefore more digestible.

Less tolerable because of their high acid content are the aforementioned Granny Smith, red Boskoop and the white clear apple.

You should not use these varieties for your pet.

Keeping your dog fit with fruit and vegetables?

Meat is not the only thing on the dog’s menu; it needs to be supplemented with fruit, such as apples, or vegetables.

Even though the dog is a carnivore like its ancestors, its organism needs much more.

Is there any other fruit you can feed your dog?

The answer is quite clearly: Yes! Not only is the apple very popular, but other types of fruit are real treats for your dog.

These include:

  •     Pineapple
  •     Strawberries
  •     Blueberries
  •     Raspberries
  •     Stone fruit (but remove the stone before feeding)

A very popular fruit with dogs is the pineapple. It is extremely sweet and tastes delicious.

You can also feed stone fruit, but be sure to remove the stone first.

You can give your dog all non-toxic berries, such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

What vegetables can you feed your dog?

Basically, you can feed your dog anything he likes.

Vegetables include:

  •     Carrots
  •     Boiled potatoes
  •     Broccoli
  •     Cucumber
  •     spinach
  •     Cabbage
  •     Sprouts

But beware – stay away from the so-called nightshade plants. These contain the toxic substance toxin. Nightshade plants are, for example, tomatoes, potatoes in their raw state and peppers.

When you start with the vegetables, start with small bites and see how your dog gets on first.

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Everyone has bread in their cupboard – but can a dog eat it?

How can you feed your dog a healthy diet?

A varied and balanced diet is the key.

A healthy diet for your dog includes various components:

  •     Meat
  •     Offal
  •     Fruit
  •     Vegetables

When buying food for your pet, make sure that it contains sufficient carbohydrates, vitamins, protein and fat.

With the right weighting of these components, you can offer your dog good health. And, of course, this will help prevent diseases of civilisation.

Sugar should not be included in the ingredients. Sugar is very harmful for the organism and for the teeth. Here we are thinking first and foremost of industrial sugar.

This is obtained from cane sugar and has a completely different effect on your dog’s organism than fructose from apples.

Your dog should not be given these foods.

By feeding your dog the right food, you can help him to resist diseases.

It is important that your dog gets meat, and he should get something to do.

There is no point in giving him pureed meat. A dog needs to chew – that’s its basic instinct and keeps it happy.

But it’s also important to vary the types of meat, because each meat has different trace elements, so the dog’s organism gets everything it needs.

Regular feeding is essential to a healthy dog diet. Regular feeding also includes giving your dog adequate rest before and after meals.

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Conclusion: Dogs can eat apples

Yes, dogs can eat apples. However, they don’t like all of them and especially the seeds in apples should never be eaten with them.

When choosing the right type of apple, a fine feeling is necessary, as not every type is suitable for feeding.

Depending on the dog’s preference, you first have to try it out. If the dog does not like apples, it is possible to add them to the food in pureed form.

The apple contains valuable vitamins and these are important for your dog. If you now pay attention to a fundamentally healthy diet for your dog, your dog will have a long, carefree life ahead of him.